Plasma Engineering Laboratory (PEL) is nationally and internationally renowned for our research regarding plasma science. Principal research challenges in PEL are as follows:
  1. Development of high quality and high throughput processes by controlling reactions in plasma
  2. Plasma synthesis of functional nanoblocks and their application
  3. Elucidation of interaction between plasma and interface of materials
  4. Establish of plasma agriculture

Present research topics are as follows:
  • High quality and highly stable hydrogenated amorphous silicon films for thin film solar cells
  • Third generation solar cells using nanoparticles
  • Deposition profile control in fine structure using anisotropic plasma chemical vapor deposition
  • Nanoparticle composite films for ultra low-k film in ULSI
  • Fabrication of nanosystems using plasmas
  • Mechanism of dust particle formation and transport in fusion devices
  • Plasma growth enhancement of plants
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