Center of Plasma Nano-interface Engineering



If the interaction of plasma and nano-interface is clarified and it is possible control, it brings explosive development to the creation of advanced nano material and nano structure that was not able to be achieved so far. In this center, systematized study on base and application on interaction of plasma and nano-interface is promoted, and international center research center is established. A joint research and interactive, international education with domestic and foreign industry-academic-government including university and research laboratories overseas in Germany and South Korea, etc are promoted. We play a part of worldwide research education base making about Kyushu University by promoting it to talent who accepts an excellent domestic and foreign student and pulls the world, and supply it to industrial-academic-government in the world.


2017 / 10/02(月)
Announcement for icpig2019 & icrp10
14-19, July, 2019
icpig2019 & icrp10 will be held in Sapporo, Japan.
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2014 / July 26
Guidance of "2014 Gordon Research Conference on Plasma Processing Science"
2014 / January 17
Assistant Professor Hyunwoong Seo was awarded the Encouragement Award in The 23rd Japan MRS Annual Meeting.


2015 / September 16
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2011 / May 11
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2011 / May 9
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